The Porsche Sports Driving School is an incredible, luxury experience. We set out to increase awareness among the younger generation through a visual and social revamp—after all, who doesn’t love a bit of adventure?

We designed a VR experience that would allow potential customers to experience the rush of being behind the wheel of a Porsche 911, all while they’re waiting on their gas tank to fill up. The gas stations would be decorated with checkered flags and cones, and each pump would have a VR headset with a simple UI that allows users to put on the headset and immediately begin a brief VR experience that puts them in the driver seat of a Porsche 911 as it speeds through the PSDS track.

One of the most unique parts about PSDS is the complexity, and beauty of the  Barber Motorsports Track. We created an informational, visually pleasing application that drivers could download on to their phones. We included a virtual map for drivers to use while they are on the track so they can know where they are at all times whilst on different parts of the track.

On Facebook, we quickly found that videos of the cars got the most amount of love from Porsche fans. We included dynamic videos that truly showcased the beauty of everything PSDS has to offer. We wanted to tell a story through our photos and videos that made both new and old fans excited about returning back to the track.

Instagram videos and dynamic shots, like boomerangs and carousels, receive the most attention. The goal was to keep a constant theme present in the general aesthetic of the page so that when users came to the PSDS account, we caught their attention and held it. Along with the dynamic shots, we wanted to include pictures that really showed off the beauty of the cars and instructors and students genuinely enjoying the experience.

% Increase in Facebook Engagement
% Increase in Instagram Engagement
Laps Around the Track
Trips to Alabama

Lia Jordan
Account Executive

Zoie Hashim

Sarah Rovi
Project Manager

Olivia Moore
Digital Specialist

Adaobi Ugonabo
PR Specialist

Chris Carson