Marti’s at Midday is an Athens favorite—with award-winning lunch to boot. But with a location just off the beaten path, students needed a little reminder that Marti’s was there, ready with famous chicken salad and a smile.

At ToA, a variety of Athens restaurants bring tasty food for attendees to enjoy. The Marti’s team took this as an opportunity to meet customers on their own turf!

Eating a perfect scoop of chicken salad on Marti’s front porch is an ideal way to spend an afternoon, but why limit ourselves? We decided to meet customers on their own front porches! Marti is now on Uber Eats & the orders keep flooding in.

College students and social media influencers are quickly becoming inseparable. Once customers know that people they trust love for something, they’re not far behind! We partnered with several popular Instagrammers to reach the younger population.

% Increase in Instagram Comments
% Increase in Facebook Engagement
% Increase in Sales
Out of 10 Star Rating

Mary Harris Morgan
Account Executive

Gillian Chiboucas

Brooke LeBlanc
Project Manager

Natalie Mata Garcia
Digital Specialist

Meghan Black
Art Director

Meredith Parman
PR Specialist

Kelly Azbell