A passion-fueled, driven group of UGA’s best thinkers with one common
characteristic: a love affair with the advertising and PR industries.

Applications for the 2018-2019 school year are now closed!


Each client is assigned a team of advertising and PR extraordinaires
with a range of valuable skills, collaborating together to get amazing results.

Account Executive

Strategic & Tactical Leadership
Client Communications

PR Specialist

Crafting Public Image
Media Communicator

Project Manager

Organizer Extraordinaire
Team Motivator

Digital Specialist

Social Media Maven
Website Designer

Art Director

Designer & Brander
Idea Incubator

Photo & Videographer

Communicating Vision
Capturing Moments


Giving Voice to Brands


Researching Consumers
Uncovering Insights

Fetch: Strategy & Research

An innovative group of analytical thinkers dedicated to uncovering
insights on our newest generation of consumers: Gen Z.



Expert Professor

State-of-the-Art Analytics Technology

“Talking Dog was one of the most helpful Grady programs in preparing me for the real world. The work I showed future employers from Talking Dog definitely helped me get offers and land my job!”

Haley Hinson, Alumni @ Comcast Spotlight